The Infernal Edge News #5 - Member Recruitment

    arsal ahmed
    By arsal ahmed,


    Greetings, Hello it been a while we all were busy and nobody announce any news and update people start spreading rumors about our community negative and i don't want to talk about them let begin news #5 quickly.


    Alright let begin with our new Teammate recently we've accept some talented people as our community member. Congratulations all new members.

    @Hack is Head Designer 
    First of all, sorry Hack i write announcement before but unfortunately i got busy and forgot about it. Hack is our new head designer his skills really great let hope he design would be awesome.

    @Lewn Joined our community at 14/7/18 as
    OS trial member Unfortunately he left our community yesterday (31/7/18)
    @Conolel Joined our community at /15/7/18 as 
    Trial Scripter
    sorry i also mention you on thread but unfortunately unable to announce. Let hope you can be right hand of @Reckless

    @SKYL1NE Joined our community at 16/7/18 as OS trial unfortunately he no longer with us i don't know kick/left.

    @Taha Joined our community at 19/7/18 as
    Shooter trial member
    @Sonnys Joined our community at 21/7/18 as Shooter trial member
    @Paradonex Joined our community at 24/7/18 as DD trial member
    @comiX Joined our community at 24/7/18 as OS trial member
    @Kordy Joined our community at 31/7/18 as Shooter Trial member
    Not only that there also some people like @Szyron joined our community don't know when but as DJ | live streamer.


    If you didn't get accepted this time, don't worry, join requests are still open and will stay there till we build a strong team.

    How can we forgot about promotions? obviously we've promote recently our member who deserve to be.

    Let begin with myself:
    Might you know i joined IE as Shooter Leader but due to house shifting and my site work i was inactive so seniors decide to change my rank and they gave me new role of Mixed Leader but when we decide about this squad it useless. Since @BogdanTrippy is inactive I'm New "
    Community Manager & Shooter Member"

    @Agressiv Obviously he is new
    Shooter Leader as i explained above. Congratulation brother
    @godlike New "
    Co-Founder Of Community | DD Leader" i knew he promoted couple of months ago but it wasn't announced officially.

    Sorry if i missed anyone else because everything written by myself and i was inactive so i collect all details from forum and all squad leaders were offline. Stay tune server update will be announce soon.

    Best Regards,
    Infernal Edge Community Manager.

    Members Updates | Infernal-Edge

    arsal ahmed
    By arsal ahmed,


    Hello Infernal-Edge,


    Today i'm announcing new member recruitment and former members but first of all who am i? I'm new Shooter Leader since old leader kick/left our community.

    It been a while nobody from our community announce on forum about gameserver.

    Our developers working on it from the day
    IE born, new scripts under development such as userpanel,Dashboard new lobby etc. If you guys want to play we have Beta server come and suggest us what to do.

    New members:

    • @arsal ahmed (me) joined the community as Shooter Squad Leader on 31 March
    • @eCcojoined the community as OS Squad leader on 1st April

    Please warm welcome to our New trials members:

    • @nitro - Accepted on 2nd April and joined our Shooter Squad .
    • @ZuikeN - Accepted on 7th April and joined our DM Squad .
    • @Tyler - Accepted on 7th April and joined our Shooter Squad .
    • @Mati# - Accepted on 8th April and joined our OS Squad .
    • @D!e$eL - Accepted on 10th April and joined our DD Squad .
    • @blueyman1 - Accepted on 11th April and joined our Shooter Squad.
       - Accepted on 13th April and joined our Shooter Squad.
       - Accepted on 14th April and joined our DD Squad.

    So good luck mates for your trial period.

    Before i announce our former members list i would like to share promotion news.

    • @BogdanTrippy It's your's hard work for this community make such things possible. I would like to congratulate you, You've been promoted Head Community Manager. I hope we will see you a great and professional Community Manager to manage our community.


    • @Core promoted to Head Scripter for his hard work,after Zeyad's left.


    • @godlike has been promoted to Co - Founder of Community.


    • @nitro I would like to congratulate you, and hope we will see ya as professional player soon, You have been promoted to Full Shooter Member.

    Last but not the least, you might have noticed that the following members are no longer with us. We would like to thank them for their contributions and wish them good luck in their future plans.

    • @ZeYaD22' - He already left/kick before i join this community, As far as i know that he was Co-Founder. Good luck mate for your future plan.
    • @Gravity - Same case like Zeyad22 AFAIK(As far as i know) he was Mixed Leader. Goodluck mate. 
    • @Fix - AFAIK he was Old Shooter leader, good luck buddy for your future plans. 
    • @FreXy - AFAIK he was Co-Leader of Shooter Squad, Goodluck buddy. 




    Looking forward to join our community? Then what are you waiting for? Join request is still open go ahead.


    Special Thanks to @BogdanTrippy for makes my thread beautiful.

    Please excuse my English :$

    Best Regards,
    Shooter Leader of
    Infernal Edge.

    Available prefixes & JR Status

    By Reckless,

    Hello everyone! Here will be mentioned all the available prefixes in our forums!

    Member JR
    Junior  JR

    Here was all the available tags for now on. Let's move to the JR's statuses.

    Junior JR Status: Opened
    Member JR Status: Opened

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